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2020 Nissan Xterra - Bright lights

What is up with the intense brightness of the car headlights any more? It seems that more and more cars are driving with their high beams on. The newer cars with their LED’s and bright running lights are blinding the oncoming drivers.It seems that the newer cars have the ability to light the road brightly for 5 miles in front of them. To hell with the oncoming drivers who are temporarily blinded. It also seems that Trucks and SUV’s are the worst offenders. Is this the newest Car Company selling point to illuminate the road 5 miles in front of you? If this is supposed to be a safety feature-I think they got it wrong. It appears the older cars are not guilty of any of this dilemma. Anymore-driving at night has become quite an adventure-It is not as safe as it used to be.

It is the fault of your (our) government. Here’s what the rest of the developed world does. IIHS is also doing their part to shame automakers who have headlights with glare issues.

The OP undoubtedly lives under a different government than we have in The US.
I say that because he owns a 2020 Nissan XTerra, and the Nissan XTerra has not been sold in The US since the 2015 model year.

Nobody in The US could possibly own a 2020 Nissan XTerra, so I am curious about the country where the OP actually lives.