2020 Mercedes 300 SLC Opinions

Thanks for your opinions and experience. I am an Audi owner. Always had excellent service from these cars. Excellent dealer. I have really enjoyed my cars over the years. I drive an A3 cabriolet but have considered trading for an A5 cabrio. Then I saw the 300SLC. This is the last year for the Mercedes Benz SLC300. I am not sure I’d like a two seater. It’s very different from the A3/A5 but a change could be good. I don’t need a larger car. My question : is the SLC a good choice for a fun car to be used for a daily commute of 20 miles roundtrip? And a fun car weekends etc? Thanks

Fun car for weekends, sure! Top down with a friend in the passenger’s seat and a picnic lunch in the trunk. As long as you are comfortable in the car on your commute, I’d say Yes to that too.

As an example, I owned a Honda S2000 and used it to commute 41 miles each way. It was a great stress reliever to drive home, top down, hearing that sweet little motor rev to 9000 rpm between shifts. With the top up, I actually wore earplugs because the interior noise was so high on the highway. The radio was useless. It was manual trans only and in city traffic it would have been a real pain. My commute was very rural so no issues with that.

If it fits your commuting style, then go for it!

For some people the answer is Yes , for some the answer is No. I really don’t understand asking a question like this . The only person who has an opinion about a purchase of any kind is the person who I live with . I have commuted in a C4 Corvette convertible , S10 pickup , 600 cc Sport Bike and never really cared what anyone else thought.

Sure! thats roughly 6000 k miles a year of pure fun.

I guess you don’t need trunk space, and you want the drop top. I had a Chrysler Crossfire roadster as a rental about 15 years ago. It’s a twin of the 280SLK, and a relative of the 300 SLC. I enjoyed it, but found the trunk lacking with the top down. I know it’s been a long time, but I understand the trunk is small in the 300 SLC too. I could fit two briefcases in the trunk with the roof down. You might also consider the Z4 and Boxster. They do the same things the SLK does, only better. Your opinion is the one that counts though.

I dont have enough money to be familiar with the vehicle in this post… :frowning:

it could work very well, I’m more of a fan of the Mazda mx5 personally but what works for you and makes you smile is the important part