Need Advice for Sporty, Comfortable Car for Commuting

I am planning to trade my Camaro convertible (2011) for a car that is sporty, yet lighter and comfortable - and not a convertible. Looking for something stylish but comfortable for the two- hour round trip commute I will soon make daily. Good gas mileage (at least in 20’s) and durability and dependability are necessities. Suggestions on new cars I should consider? Thanks!

Civic vtec.

The interim minister at the church I attend commutes about a hour each way four or five days a week. She had been driving a 2008 Mazda3 with a manual transmission and replaced it with a 2014 Mazda3, again with a manual transmission. She likes to drive and I have read that the Mazda3 is fun to drive. You may want to check out the Mazda.

Porsche Boxster.

A Mazda 3 with the new SkyActive direct injection will give you great mileage, is fun to drive, and will likely last longer than your Camaro.

Go for the smaller engine; the big engine is entirely unnecessary for commuting.

+1 on Mazda 3, that is at the top of my list for what you describe.

“Porsche Boxster.”…he meant Cayman.

What about a Mazda MX-5 Miata? You can buy a hard top for it. I would not buy an expensive car. You will put too many miles on it too quickly to make it a practical choice.

New Mustang hardtop. There is a reason why there are more Mustangs then Camaros on the road. They are OK commuter cars ! The fwd drive suggestions are a concession to being one of the crowd. Don’t go there. You want a decent RWD handler, some power, reliability, nearly 30 mpg with the six or four turbo and a better all round car then the Camaro.

Comfort being 100% subjective, my only suggestion is to get a Consumer Reports New Car Preview at the local bookstore and test drive the ones you like. There are numerous choices that fit your criteria.

Personally, I love the new Miata (yup, even Mazda dealers still call it that). But I can’t get into or out of them anymore. Same with the Porsches. And the Toyota FRS/Mazda BRZ twins. Ah, to be young again!

You may want to rent a car before making a decision and commute to work in the rental. I have no idea how comfortable the new Mustang might be. My son’s,wife brought a 1995 Mustang into the marriage. She developed back trouble and couldn’t drive the car, so our son used it for his,half hour commute each day to work and found it very uncomfortable for him.

Dodge Charger?

I like the Mazda 3 but the 6 might be more comfortable for a long commute.

I’d also lean towards the Mazda3. Very reliable, very efficient, and supposedly fun to drive. One of the car magazines had five new/redesigned cars pitted against the Mazda, which had won a previous comparison. Well, it won this one, too. Some of the other cars were more powerful and others were roomier, but the Mazda was the most fun to drive, the best looking, and just feels right. There is a larger engine for those with lead feet, but it only comes with the higher trim levels, and the gas mileage is reduced For commuting, the 2.0 liter should do fine.

The Hyundai Veloster is more sporty-looking than actually sporty, but it’s reasonably priced and would be very suitable for commuting. The VW GTI is an obvious choice, with the niceness of a Golf and fine performance. Reliability is not up with the best models, but it’s better than most German cars. Or you can get very efficient and get the Golf diesel. Not as much fun, probably less reliable, but a very efficient commuter vehicle. I’d wish I could recommend the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ twins, but the first-year reliability was poor Fun to drive, apparently, if not very powerful. I’d rather have a Miata with the folding hardtop. The top makes it expensive for a Miata, but makes it so much more practical for everyday use.
Of hybrids some reviewers have liked the Honda CR-Z because it handles decently and is available with a manual transmission. It has no back seat, but if it is just a commuter car it may do well. Honda hybrids don’t match Toyota hybrids for reliability or gas mileage, but this is the best of their hybrids to date.

I’d look at the new Mustang Ecoboost, it checks all the boxes. Maybe a 370z if you don’t need a back seat, or WRX if you need four doors.

2 door Accord would fit the bill. If you want to go more upscale, the Acura TLX is by all accounts a very nice car, but you’ll have to wait if you want the V6 option (you should wait) because they’re fixing a transmission damage problem before they sell it.

If you could give us a price range, that would be helpful. There are several offerings from higher end cars that you’d probably like, but I doubt you’re looking for a Maserati :wink:

I can offer what I would consider with a two hour a day commute. I would keep the Camaro and buy the least expensive high mileage non-hybrid I felt like I could stand to be in. We could be talking 24000 miles a year so the least amount of fuel I had to buy would matter to me.

I’ve owned a Mazda 3 and a Mazda 6. I drive 40,000 miles per year. The 6 is much nicer, more comfortable and has a ton more room in the back seat and trunk. On the highway the 6 gets about 38 mpg and 31 in mixed driving. I also get many comments from people about how sharp the car looks.

Both the 3 and 6 are ‘10-best cars’ this year, according to Car and Driver. I plan to look at both at the next car show.

Thank you for the input. I will consider the 6, also!

Any thoughts on keeping the Camaro? Can it hold up for 150K or so?