2020 Mazda CX-5 - USB issue?

usb port and apple play stopped working

if you have your phone connected to the usb port and the port does not work. your phone won’t connect to your info center. check the fuse for the usb port to see if it is blown. if it is good then try a different cable from your phone to the usb port. if you are getting an error message in the info center you may have to reset it to factory settings. your manual should show you how.

If it is a car problem and not your phone or cable problem, then your warranty may cover it. See your dealer.


Try a different cable before going to the dealer

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Some people will have a USB cable left plugged in. Then the end of the cable is laying around loose, sometimes on the floor. I was one of these people until one day I picked up one of these cables and it was hot enough to burn my fingers. Water dirt and banging around will cause them to short out. So now I tuck the ends where they are high and dry. But last week I found that my Android Auto stopped working. I noticed that one of my teenagers left a cable plugged in and left the other end on the floor and it was getting kicked around. I looked in my manual and found the 5 amp fuse, replaced it and all is well.

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