2020 Lincoln Aviator - Water leak, noisy tailgate, aligment troubles

Water leaking at the passenger sun visor, and down the passenger front door post

Tail gate very very noisy when closing. in for repair 3 times

4 wheel alignment shows an 8degree negative thrust angle, which causes trouble streering

On a one year old vehicle?
What does the dealership say? Get it all in writing on the work order receipt.

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Under warranty, might be covered by your state’s lemon laws. Contact a lawyer that specializes in this.


Did you buy this car new as in 3 or 4 miles on it or did it have several hundred or several thousand miles on it?
Since the car could have gone into service in the summer of 2019 I was just wondering whether it was a lease vehicle that had been in an accident.


I purchased this car brand new …

thanks for the information

What did the dealership report on your receipts?
If the thrust angle is out of spec, why was it not corrected?
Lastly, have you reviewed lemon laws in your state?

My questions were not really answered so I’m still up the air on this.
It’s described as brand new. Brand new means 3 or 4 miles, etc.
If the car had a 100 or 200 miles on it then it was a dealer demonstrator and is considered a used car even if the title has never been registered at the DMV.

I mention this because I’ve see some dealer demos get flogged hard, wrecked to some degree, and in one case became a total pile of scrap which was parted out.
Eight degrees is a lot and someone there should be explaining that.

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When did you take possession of it?
I ask because, unless you have put a huge number of miles on it since purchase, everything should be covered by warranty, with the possible exception of the alignment.
Most mfrs will provide a gratis alignment w/in a couple of months of purchase. After that point, the chance that the customer has whacked some curbs and/or driven into some big potholes means that re-alignment has to be paid for by the customer.

If the alignment continues to be that far off from specs, then the tires are going to start to show some really bad wear patterns very soon, and that won’t be covered by warranty.

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