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80,000 miles inspection repairs-Am I getting ripped off?

Thanks for those who helped me with my tire issue.

I drive a 2003 Lincoln Aviator and am going on a 1,000 miles road trip here next week. I brought it in the other day just for an inspection before I left on the trip. I brought it to the Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealer. Here is what they said needed done

Coolant Flush - $129.95

Differential Services (front and rear)- 119.95 each =239.90 total

Major Induction and injection- 175.95

Power Steering Flush- 76.99

Fuel Filter- 55.00

Transmission Floush- 169.95

Do these prices seem way to high or do these repairs seem “unecessary?” I called another lincoln dealer in another state and he quoted me similar prices. Really don’t want to get these done at a Mom and Pop’s Autoshop, but these seem pretty high prices.

Anyone? Thanks!

Coolant Flush, Fuel Filter and Transmission Flush are normal scheduled maintenance items. Check your owners manual for the specific interval. But the prices see way out of line.

Differential Services??? What was that for??? Only service I know of is to replace the gear oil…and 239 is OUTRAGEOUS. Fuel Injection cleaning…NOT necessary unless you’re having problems…Power Steering Flush…Not needed.

Get away from this dealer. Read your owners manual. All this is spelled out clearly in the manual. Find a good independent to do this work. Far cheaper and hopefully they won’t be ripping you off.

These seem like set prices,that is they are not dependant upon a actual timing of how long it takes someone to do them.

I conclude prices are parts and labor,lets look.

1 hr for coolant flush probably takes .5
1 hr each for each diff probably takes .5 each
1 induction flush probably takes .5
.5 power steering probably takes .2
.5 fuel filter probably takes .3
1 hr trans flush probably takes .5

5hrs charged labor 3.0 actual

Not at all uncalled for a mechanic to book 5.0hrs when it took 3.0

5hrs at $110.00 hr (dealer rate) $550.00 labor about $300.00 in parts

$300.00 for fluids and a filter looks a little high but it is the dealer.We must figure some tax in here also.

The Dealer actually totaled it as $847.74 for labor and $59.34 for parts. This just seems so high. Are all these flushes necessary? Dealer said I really immeadiately only needed the tranmission flush, fuel filter, and front and rear differential, but who knows…

GM is very pro fuel injection flush,just their type. I previously was very much against pre-emptive induction flushes but after reading GM rational, I have changed my mind,are you always using Top Teir gas? you should.

BMW has service intervals on the diffs. on the X5,why should Lincon escape?

Some type of fluid exchange is needed for the trans, you are being short-changed by a flush that does not replace the filter,but that would be even more money.

Do you want to take a risk on power steering seal leakage? new fluid reduces that risk.

Of course you need a fuel filter now and then.

When I used a flush machine on just about any car we were using at least 9 qts fluid then you have 2 gallons coolant, I bet its a $20.00 (at least) fuel filter throw in some P/S fluid and some induction chemicals and I cant see how they list parts for $60.00.

because typically the differental services aren’t due for 100k on most cars. My Bronco’s owner’s manual states that you should change out the diff lube for the rear axle at the 100k mile, it doesn’t even mention doing anything with the front diff. On my Mustang the owner’s manual says that you mearly have to check the diff lube level at 100k, and that replacing the lube isn’t necessary…ever.

Power steering flushes are pretty new (and suspect IMO) 10-15 years ago you never heard of it. personally, I’ve never had the power steering fluid changed on any car I’ve ever had. I’ve also never had to replace a steering rack. My Bronco has 200k on the clock and it’s still on the factory fill of power steering fluid. As long as I’ve had it, I’ve maybe added roughly 6-8 ounces of power steering fluid. I guess it has a very small leak that’s never gotten worse.

I agree that 80k is a good mileage to change the fuel filter, and it’s probably overdue for a transmission service as well.

The coolant flush and fuel filter are good ideas, particularly if they’ve never been done. Transmission service is also a good idea, but instead of a flush, I’d recommend a simple fluid and filter replacement.

Differential service, fuel injection whatever, and power steering flush are not needed.

I’d recommend you find a good independent mechanic to take care of these things. You’re practically guaranteed to get a lower price as dealer labor rates tend to be pretty high.

The vehicle is near 7 years old and likely needs all of those services if they have not been performed in recent history. A differential service is a good idea around the 100k miles mark but the price given sounds high to me unless this involves removing differential covers, cleaning out any possible sludge, replacing any cover gaskets, etc.
If that is the case, then the price could be about right.

If the transmission flush is done make sure this includes a pan drop and filter change. Flush only can be asking for problems.

Even something so benign as not changing a fuel filter can have expensive consequences. An engine can run fine on a partially clogged filter but that same filter can shorten the life of the fuel pump. That can be an expensive propostion out on the road when the pump drops dead.

Coolant flush is overpriced and transmission flush is overpriced.

Go to a mom and pop shop. A Lincoln Aviator is only a higher trim level of a common as dirt Ford Explorer despite that badge on front.

Not a single service listed takes any talent of a Ford/Lincoln dealer. The Major induction and injection is a wallet flush.

How much do you want to bet that those “flushes”, except the induction cleaning, were actually “drain and refills”?
Any novice mechanic can do those, and for much, much, less.

Those sound like dealer prices for routine maintenance items for this car. You can do them yourself if you are handy at all with tools, although the transmission might be a bit messier than you want to try in your garage.

I am surprised that they did not include brake fluid flush on the list. Perhaps that was recently done?

You can get the same work done for less at a good independent shop.

If you are looking to limit your bill, drop the induction/injection cleaning if the vehicle runs well, and drop the power steering flush from the list.

Although these things are due some time soon, you don’t need to do them before this particular trip.

Coolant Flush - $129.95 OK if needed, check records
Differential Services (front and rear)- 119.95 each =239.90 total Do you have AWD (I thought you said you didn’t)? What does your owner’s manual say? Unless manual says to do this, I would not.
Major Induction and injection- 175.95 Do you have any drivability problems? I’d avoid if not.
Power Steering Flush- 76.99 Wallet flush, unless your manual recommends it. Whenver I see this, I smell a rat!
Fuel Filter- 55.00 Yes, if not done lately
Transmission Floush- 169.95 I prefer drain and fill every 30k, unless your manual specifies a flush.

As others have said, find a good independent shop, save lots of $$

Good call on the brake flush. It was done a few months ago. My aviator is AWD. Sounding like the transmission flush and fuel filter (and coolant flush), are needed though going to an independent shop might be easier on my wallet. Only worry there is they will somehow screw something up with shady work.

That’s where the ‘mechanic finder’ on this web site comes in. Worked for me. It’s here:

It is true that the skill level to perform these maintiance items is only moderate but is also true a screw up with any of these procedures could cost a lot of money and the effect of a screw up may not be immeditaly noticed, thus it would be hard to pin it on the person who did it.

We say don’t get these items done at Jiffy Lube because the mechanics are not trained well enough but also say don’t go to the dealer because you don’t need someone so highly trained to do these things and we also put to much blanket faith and endorsement in the Independant. They charge high and can also screw up.

I think asking around for a non chain mechanic is best. I found a 25 year experienced Subaru master tech that way in a place I would never go to by location or appearance.

I’m in the military, and there is a small auto shop on based with a couple of mechanics. Their shop looks pretty good, new, and minus a litlte disorganized look with tools scattered on the worktables (prob any shop), i think its good. He is charging me the following:

For all three flushes (coolant, transmission, and major injection flush) he is charing $295. Fuel Filter around $40. Differential service treatment for around $150. Seems pretty good to me? no?

So we are accepting the need for these services,just disputing the price some want to charge?

independent guy on the base took a look at it, said it was standard for 80,000 miles and recommended everything minus the power steering flush.

making it hundreds of dollars cheaper than the dealer