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Front Wheel Alignment vrs total wheel alignment?

Thanks for all that have helped me. I have one more question, and again, I apologize for my lack of knowledge. I drive a 2003 Lincoln Avaitor with AWD. I just got four brand new tires mounted and balenced on my car. I also asked for an alignment, which the shop provided. However, looking at my bill it appears that they called this alignment a “Front End Alignment” only. I didnt catch this until tonight. Is there a big difference between a total four wheel alignment and a front end alignment? If I didn’t get the total four wheel alignment am I screwing myself over…I guess I should have specified but didn’t know when all i said was “alignment.” Thanks

I would get the 4 wheel, with your IRS the rear axle could use a check, especially with the extra-low profile tires you’re using. Was the damaged tire on the front or back?

I’d ask for a full four wheel alignment.

Damaged tire was on the back but I got all four tires replaced. Seems like this never ends. So I need more than a front end alignment?

Before you mess with it hows it driving,straight,no pull,steering wheel centered? If it is not broke don’t fix it

Ehh it’s better than before. There was a pull to the right before. Now letting the steering go for about five to ten sec stays straight but then it Still drifts pretty well to the right. Than might be because they are oversize tires

That clinches it - getting the rear tire damaged means it might have thrown something out in rear. Get it checked.