2020 Honda Ridgeline - What is this mystery item?

In the glove box of my brand new pickup was an unidentified ‘thing’. It appears to be a cover with a lock (that fits my vehicle key). It’s black plastic, about 3-1/2" square with two rounded corners. It’s about the size and shape of the tow hitch receptacle but there’s no trim around that. I’m unable to find any place it will fit. Anyone know a use for it? I couldn’t find any reference to it in the owner’s manual.

How about a picture?

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Does it look like this? if it does it is a receiver cover.


Call the dealer.

With a fully-warrantied vehicle, the best source for accurate info is the dealership.

That’s probably a receiver hitch cover with a locking receiver hitch pin.



Thanks for the responses. Not a receiver hitch cover that fits into the receiver. Looks like a cover that might lock into trim surrounding a receiver (it’s a bit larger than the actual receiver). Turning the car key in the lock swings down a little locking arm on one side of this cover.Anyway, best suggestion-ask the dealer.

Do you mean this ?


It’s something the dealer should have done during the PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection)


@It_s-Me nice work Sherlock!


Mystery solved. I can sleep at night now.

I would have never thought of looking under the tailgate.

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Just curious, what’s the main purpose of a lock for a truck tail-gate?

Where have you been ? Those things have been theft items for years .

I am confused. What’s this thing’s purpose? Is it to prevent someone from stealing the tailgate??? Doesn’t the tailgate lock when / with the doors on the Ridgeline, like mine does on the Ram?

On the Ridgeline even when the tailgate is close and locked there is an emergency release, you just reach up into the hole and grab the yellow cable and pull.

This cover blocks that hole.

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Still confused. It sounds like the tailgate can be unlocked from outside the truck without a key! Why would I want this? This sounds like a thief’s dream. I have a cover on my bed, so a thief can’t see or get to anything locked in my bed.

It can be, that’s what the locking cover is for, to stop you from being able to just open it.

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You post links to Youtube all the time so here is your chance to find one to answer your question .

what is the problem with posting links to youtube? it is easier for someone to actually seeing something done than me trying to explain it.

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Ok, I see now how a locking tailgate could be a useful function. I was thinking maybe it is for trucks with campers. If whatever you wanted to protect from potential thieves was just sitting in the truck’s open bed though …hmmm … …lol …

One question if OP will allow, what do you do when you actually want to carry a load of lumber? Do you remove the top and leave it at home? Or are you able to remove it at the lumber store, turn it upside down, and place the lumber on top of it?

All the covers I have had roll up towards the back window of the cab.