2020 GMC Sierra 3500HD - Thoughts on the new model?

Need a new PU. Your thoughts on the Durmax L5P and the new 10-speed Allison.

Is this the truck that is rated to pull 36,000#?

They sound too pricey for my wallet.

The previous year models have been fine in our fleet. A new 10 speed trans would be my big worry. Driving a newer, forget what year in town driving was 4 maybe 5 gear shifts form 0-30mph

For a general duty daily driver pickup, I’d recommend a gas engine. If you’re towing heavy or often, or just want the diesel torque because you want it and can afford it (wouldn’t blame you), a diesel is a great option. They’re expensive to buy upfront, and expensive when they break. But they are nice. How do you plan to use the truck?