2020 GMC Sierra 2500HD - Dropped off the lift at very first service visit

dealer dropped off lift at two ft broke sidestep and fender moldings truck is only 7 weeks old it just hit 3000 miles i took it in to have a first service early because the DEF system failed in the first week i owned it! and that took ten days to fix so i wanted early service and to have them check def system to make sure everything is as it should be ,its a GMC AT4 2500HD DURAMAX its a 80.000$ TRUCK !! i am concerned about frame rails and any alignment problems going forward the truck weighs 8,156lbs

You should be concerned. The dealer is TOTALLY on the hook for ALL the costs of repair.

That said, if the truck goes straight down the road after it is fixed, this screw up won’t come BACK down the road. And if it does, the dealer is still responsible IF the damage is the cause.


What a bummer. Click and Clack knew the phenomenon well and had an acronym: FOL. (Rhymes with SOL.)

I hope they provided a substitute truck while they are screwing around with yours. And dinner at a top local restaurant, too.

8100 lb truck? No wonder the lift when boom. So, I’m familiar with a 2 post lift. 2 lift arms on each side for total of 4 lift points. The front left or right lift points were not securely on frame? Or 1 was not? Both front lift arms moved outwards and pads went into floorboards?

I don’t know which is sadder–that the dealer dropped your truck off the lift, or that a new 2500 pickup costs $80k. Admittedly, trucks equipped with a diesel engine seem to cost a lot more than the same model equipped with a gasoline engine, but still $80k for a truck sounds like a huge amount of money. I miss the days when you could buy a new work truck for less than $20k.

It sadly happens, I was working for the local VW Dealer when one one of the arms for a 4 post lift failed and a customers Passat fell from about 8ft landing on the roof. Dealer gave the customer a brand new one from the lot.