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Clunky GM Truck

Hi folks,

I’ve got a question regarding a 95 GM Sierra 2500 4x4 pickup that is exhibiting a clunk when we do such things as accelerate hard, brake then accelerate, etc. Our first thought was u-joints, but I got under there and tried to wiggle them and they are feeling pretty solid.

I did some research on the internet and it appears that there is a service bulletin out specifically titled “Clunking GM Trucks” or something very similar. Anybody had this issue? What could it be?

Thanks all for your input,


The heading “Clunking GM Trucks” has probably been a resident in GM Service Information since,lets say, 1910.

You may have to remove the driveshaft to accuratly check the u-joints,they do fail.

Make sure you check out the rear transmission mount.

The possibilites do not end with these two suggestions.

Yeah, that is very true. I also noticed that their steering gets sloppy as they get older too. Along with a multitude of other wierd little quirks, like electrical blips and such. Good ol’ Chevy. LOL Still pretty decent truck though and lots of people have them so parts are super easy to find.

Other possibilities are almost any bushing, including the one holding the driveshaft carrier bearing, and engine mounts.