2020 Chryler pacífica - RPM zero

Here we go. The last issue was the 2nd battery but now this-

The car is not electric or mix - regular gas.

First time this happened. We came to a stop and the RPM went to zero. The van did not stalled. And when accelerated it RPM back to normal. And then came to another stop and RPM went to zero and within 5 seconds it went. Back to normal.

What could be the issue. and please talk to me in lame terms.

If the engine never stopped running, then it would appear that you can rule-out an engine issue, and that is a shame because the engine (and trans) may still be under warranty. Instead, I think that this is an electrical/electronic issue, and if the battery and alternator are both healthy, then my prime suspect would be the Totally-Integrated Power Module. Chrysler’s TIPMs have been known to go bad after just a few years.

Auto start/stop function: the engine is supposed to stop running while the vehicle is at rest/not moving.


Nevada makes an excellent point, but we need the OP to clarify whether his engine kept running when he stopped–or not.

I don’t mean to be insulting on a long weekend and get flagged three times in one week, but many mysteries are solved by consulting the manual. Not Manuel.


I guees I did not see what you posted that recieved a flag. Was not me that flagged you

I am like another poster here that some things that should be removed get to stay and some that just don’t seem that bad do get removed.

I had a post about someone who keeps posting about their driving problems and said maybe they should not be on public roads.


There are at least 2 regulars who seem to fit that description :laughing:


Well one was when I attempted to relate the current debt figures of the middle class and the other was responding to using spray paint for boundary markers on the spray paint thread. I don’t remember what the third one was. Their issue not mine. Conversations tend to meander a little sometimes, so big deal.

As to the original question it sounds like the stop/start function. I wonder if tucoramirez is a left foot braking driver because I am and the stop/start funtion just does not like that practice.

Yeah I am too. I just add a little throttle to overcome the stop feature in a rental. My instructor told me tot do that but after the class I could do whatever I wanted. Works for me. I did change for a couple weeks when I had a large erupted planters wart on my left foot that made using it painful.

Oh really ? Not the manual again. It never ceases to amaze me that, people will spend thousands of dollars on a vehicle and never open the book that tells them how to use it.


Nor was it me.

Yes, I have also noticed that type of inconsistency.

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To do left foot braking? I’ve never tried it. Should I? I’m such an old dog - IDK about new tricks. I grew up driving manuals (as I’m sure many others did as well), so the right foot for accel/brake was burned into the neural nets rather early and deep. I don’t think my left foot could handle it…

Yes. I’ve driven manuals since I was 14 or younger. Even owned a couple. No problem at all unless you try to put the non existent clutch in. I guess you have to note the location and design of the brake pedal on an automatic versus a manual.

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I drive a stick shift a lot of the time, if I use my left foot on the brake, your head will be bouncing off the dash… lol

I use my left foot on my hot rod to brake torque it and or load the drive line before launching hard…
Other than that I tend to stab the brake pedal with my left foot… So I am not a left foot braker…

Most (not all) of the time when I run across a left foot braker, they tend to rest their foot on the brake pedal causing a slight drag and the brakes to wear out prematurely…

LOL. That’s what I was thinking. Left foot is the clutch foot. To the floor it goes! Short of that is clutch abuse!

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Then there were all of those older cars with the high beam switch on the floor. Come to think of it - my old '64 F100 had a windshield washer pump down in that left corner.

Yeah my 68 dodge had that washer pump on the floor like that. I actually liked it because you didn’t waste washer fluid.

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My hot rods is on the floor…

Now my washer pump switch is on the dash, integrated into the wiper switch, push and wipe, now if I still had one, there is a MSD 6AL and super coil occupying that space now… lol

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Great find- we purchased the car used in Dec 2023 and have not ever seeing the RPM go to zero until yesterday.