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2020 Cadillac XTS struggles to get up to working temp in cold

2020 Cadillac XT4 Sport Having problem getting engine temp up to working temp in cold -Weather ok on Highway driving but struggles driving around town.

One word— Warranty.


Second word… Dealer


Six words: Don’t attempt to repair it yourself.
(Translation: Take it to the dealership for FREE diagnosis and repair under the terms of your Powertrain Warranty.)


I doubt there is anything to repair, small 4 cylinder engines don’t generate a lot of heat. It may take 15 minutes to reach operating temperature while driving at slow speeds if there is a high heat load from the heater.


Assuming there is a problem it could be either a bad thermostat or low coolant. Honestly, I wouldn’t expect either on a vehicle this new but stranger things have happened. As the others have said, have it fixed under warranty.

Could also be an improperly installed thermostat.
At any rate, use the warranty.

You would think the manufacturing process has perfected that by now.