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2017 Chevrolet Cruze - Heat help

Is anyone else having heating problems when the outside temp reaches -9C? Here in canada it gets to this temp every year.

Is your temperature gauge going up to normal range?

It does not matter if anyone else is having heating problems. Your vehicle has 3 year or 36000 mile warranty so use it.

How long are you in the car? If you aren’t in long enough, the heater hasn’t had time to kick in properly. It might take 5 to 10 minutes if the car is parked outside. If you are in the car for 20 or more minutes, the cabin heater should work well. BTW, if the engine doesn’t get hot, your cabin heater won’t work properly. That’s why you should check the engine temperature gauge.

Good afternoon
No the temp gauge is staying at 1/4 not 1/2


Good afternoon
My car is running for at least 1 hr before it is shut off. I command
start my car 2 times before I get in it and start driving. Then im
driving for the minimum of 20 minutes to work. then at lunch it is
running or another 30 minutes and the temp gauge is sitting at a 1/4.
This starts happening when the outside temp hit -9C


You may need a new thermostat. This might be covered by your warranty. Just tell the service writer that the temperature gauge is not coming up to normal range. Usually thermostats do not fail this soon but anything is possible.

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Take the car to a Chevy dealer and describe the problem as you did here. Make sure to mention that the temperature gauge only goes up 1/4 full range. See what they say. If they don’t mention the thermostat, you might ask if a faulty thermostat would cause your heating problem. If they say no, ask why.

If a vehicle can not reach operating temperature, the only causes for this is faulty thermostat, wrong thermostat or no thermostat.