2020 Alfa Giulia

Just got a brand new 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia, less than 30 miles as I took it off the lot. I get a very odd, high pitched humming noise when I get over 40 mph and becomes more noticeable at higher speeds. Doesn’t seem to change with accelerating, breaking, or turning. Sounds a bit like a Southwest airplane (with that higher pitched electric humming noise it’s engines seem to make) is flying somewhere nearby.

I’ve read through some other threads and people were suggesting it could be a wheel bearing. Im hoping it’s that and not some innate issue with my differential. Seeing if anyone has come across this specific issue. I’m on larger diameter wheels in the back and summer tires.

One word \WARRANTY/ Let dealer take care of it.


Just got a brand new 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia, less than 30 miles as I took it off the lot.
You should have made U turn and went right back to the dealer.


How would it make you feel if we DID have exactly the same whine as you do? Would it make you feel better or worse about your purchasing decision?

Any answer you give to that question wouldn’t change our recommendations that you let the dealer solve it under warranty.

I’d also suggest you plan to sell this car before the warranty has run out. Alfas are not known for their quality nor reliability.

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And you might join an Alfa forum. I have the feeling your problems are only beginning.


You’re not kidding

Italian cars are NOT known for reliability :smiley:

I can’t emphasize “NOT” enough :wink:

A brand new car with problems and you come hereFor ideas, not at the dealer? In heavens name WHY? It’s the dealers problem not yours, not ours. No matter what anyone’s opinion or ideas are the car belongs on the dealers doorstep. Period.

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Nor are American cars but lot has changed up over the years. Acura is the new car to avoid for example.

That all being said incredible car and the hopefully dealer is nearby instead of asking here.

Alfa is in a separate universe when it comes to poor reliability, along with Fiat and Range Rover. Cars being tested have repeatedly broken down.


Thanks to . . . some . . . for the response. Dropped the car off at the dealer this AM, the mechanic who seems to know his stuff was able to hear the noise and think it may be a label/tag or something that’s flapping around the engine at higher speeds, given you don’t hear/feel anything at lower speeds. Also noticed a brake wobble that he thinks is from the car sitting too long (it was the showroom model), which I actually just noticed this morning. So they’ll take care of that too.

To answer a few people:

  1. Would it make me feel better or worse? What an odd question. I’m just trying to find out what the issue is.
  2. Why not take it to the dealer? Because the dealer closest to me didn’t have an opening until this morning and I wanted to see if I could get some inside into the noise before the appointment in case he “couldn’t hear it” or “didn’t think it was an issue.” I didn’t feel like driving to Anaheim, especially if they had to keep it for a day or two.
  3. Selling the car I just got? I had a 2017 Giulia and 0 issues for 3 years. Seemed pretty solid to me. My first car was a Honda Accord 1997 and it had lots of little issues over the first few years. The Giulia’s that have had issues are all almost universally 2017 Quads, not the 4 cyl that I have.
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You are missing the point. You could receive 10 guesses as to the noise and all of them could be wrong. It is never a good idea to tell the service writer or mechanic that someone on the web said to fix or replace a part.
That is why people say if you have a warranty use and don’t try to analyze it yourself.


You’re missing the point. I asked the question here IN CASE someone has ran across that same/similar issue and IF the dealer said something about not being able to hear the noise or diagnose it.

Telling someone to “take it to the dealer while under warranty” was already underway before I posted here, not particularly helpful, and can be said simply without all the bad vibes from a few of the posts in here.

Have you posted this on an Alfa site? Small chance someone on a general site like this would have specific experience with your problem.

If the 2017 Giulia was so reliable, why did you Get the 2020? Just curious, I have no hidden motive for asking. Looks like a sweet ride. I hope you enjoy it.

I did there first, no one had experienced it, since it didn’t sound like a differential noise and some Alfa’s have a tendency to have some differential squeal. Which lead me over here where I saw some people having what appeared to be a similar issue they were characterizing as a wheel bearing issue.

It was a base model lease, leasing company wouldn’t deal on the purchase price, and I was offered 25% off MSRP for a 2020 Ti Sport given everything that’s going on so I went with an upgrade and new model because the 2020’s have: (a) better electronics; (b) better infotainment system; © better sound insulation inside (or so I thought!); and (d) some slight tweaks and improvements throughout.

Also got tan leather, red exterior, which is the only appropriate color combo for an Italian car IMHO :slight_smile:

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I was driving from SC to OH and my car developed a really strange sound while I was going up and down mountains in the middle of nowhere. I panicked and pulled over as all the things that could go wrong ran through my mind. To make the story short, my radio was on and had gone beyond the range of the station it was tuned to.

Tire noise? Drive on asphalt, then concrete and see whether the sound changes.

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