2019 Volkswagen Tiguan - Electrical concerns

  1. My Tiguan has a choice of 3 driving styles; economic, normal and sporty. When I choose economical, the car still drives in the normal position after restarting. But the selector button still indicates economic. If I want to drive economically again, I have to press the button 3 times via sprative normal to economic and then the dashboard also indicates that the mode is economic. My dealer says there is no other way with this software.
  2. The navigation screen can be on the center console (big screen) or between the 2 clocks in the front behind the steering wheel. But at every start, the choice is often different from what you have set before. I like the display on the big screen and have to correct that quite often, while driving!
    Is there anyone who recognizes this and has already obtained a solution? Please let me know.

Sure, now that you are nearing the end of your bumper to bumper warranty it is time to trade it in on either a domestic or Pacific Rim vehicle. VWs become expense to fix as they age.

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Those settings are linked to your key/user profile. Check if the correct user profile is selected. See “Driver Personalization” in the owners manual.

I know the correct user profile is needed and that’s okay. Thank you for your input.

No, I’m not going to trade it in. My car has many extra options and with my 77 years this will probably be my last car. I am used to buying new and using it for at least 8 years.

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I doubt if you drive enough to really benefit the economy mode . Have you seached for a VW Forum ? I don’t know of any regular posters here that have a VW Tiguan .

You’re right that the savings are minimal, but that’s not the goal. When my wife drives along, she finds the tough acceleration after a traffic light or other stop - start situations in the city very annoying. She then says that I drive too wild.
I haven’t found a good forum yet.

Are you really calling the speedometer and the tachometer clocks ?

As for the tough shifts me thnks that is caused by your driving technique .

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Yes, I would like to see the speedometer and tachometer. Then also a part of the navigation screen in between I find disturbing. Perhaps clocks is typical dutch?

It is rather a sensitive throttle in the other mode as economical. The gearbox is automatic.

In addition, I still need to be able to set my own preferences? So that’s not going to work.