2019 Volkswagen Atlas - Cruise ACC error

I have a 2019 Atlas R-Line with 31000 miles. The cruise control is giving a ACC error. Took it to the dealership, the cleared all the faults and still not working. They are telling me it may need a 4 wheel alingment. FInd that weird, had one 1.5 yrs ago…Any one else with same issues.

It might well NEED a 4 wheel alignment but I doubt that is your cruise control problem. The Atlas is still under warranty. Make them fix it.

Likely they want to do an alignment because YOU pay for that.

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Get receipts from the dealer for every visit and keep them in a folder. You may need them if the dealer can’t resolve the problem. Having the receipts makes it easier to recall the steps the dealer has taken and to remind them of what they’ve done. The issue might develop into a lemon law remedy. I’m not saying you qualify but if you eventually do having all receipts makes resolution faster.

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You might find this thread and subsequent post interesting-


Seems there are a lot of people having trouble with the Adaptive Cruise Control on VWs…lots of threads even on the dedicated Atlas boards…

Some vehicles have to have the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) reset after every alignment if the steering wheel was off, calibrating the steering angle sensor should be a part of the alignment process if required, normally for an extra cost… That is probably what the dealer meant…

Now rather that is your problem or not is yet to be determined…

I remember for a while we could not align some vehicles with ACC/LDW until we got the updated software from Hunter…

Yeah, have to take it back Tuesday. I have already told that this is a warranty issue and I’m not gonna pay for a 4 wheel alignment unless they can prove that it is fix. And if the alignment is the issue and will be the issue then I will have to seek other options.

About all you can do is ask the dealership to try to fix the problem sans alignment. If after they are done doing everything potentially possible and the problem remains, and then they do the alignment and the problem is repaired, pay up on the alignment and drive on. If they say there is no other way to effect a repair without an alignment, you’ll either have to go along with that idea, or pay another shop for another independent opinion.

Definitely not a warranty legal expert, but it seems like a valid argument you have going for you is that if an alignment is required to repair an Cruise ACC error dashboard warning, and the warranty covers the cruise control function, the needed alignment should be covered by the warranty.

Wheel alignment/adjustments are usually covered for 12 months/12,000 miles by the new vehicle warranty.
Adaptive cruise control malfunctions can be caused by the radar sensor being out of alignment, often caused by an impact to the grill. Radar sensor alignment/calibration is not covered by the warranty if caused by damage to the vehicle.

Thanks, Car has no damage on front…they cleaned the sensors. They mentioned nothing about a radar calibration/alingment, only the 4 wheel alignment unless that is part of it. Taking it back next week, so we will see. Thanks again. To be honest they seem clueless, right now.

Thank you, my thoughts exactly about warranty and the cruise control. Taking it back next week, honestly they seem clueless. Might be the last time I take it to this particular dealership.
Thanks again.

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