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2017 GMC Acadia -Adaptive Cruise Control Problem

my adpative cruise control keeps cutting out , i have had it back to General Motors a few times they cant seem to fix it ?

Seems like it should still be under warranty? Is that right?

Cruise control problems always lead me to the switch on the multi function stalk. It seems a bit early for that, though. I’ll ask a strange question; do you live in a state with a front license plate? If that plate was installed too close to the radar sensor, it may be trigger the adaptive cruise to cut out. Try taking yours off to test that theory.

A possibility is that your brake pedal switch is acting up and making the car think that you’re braking. Can you have a friend follow behind you and see if the brake lights come on when this happens?

It would be helpful to elaborate on this- have they acknowledged the problem you reported exists? If so, what have they done so far?

I assume this is a GM dealership? Just to be clear, GM may send a rep to help diagnose something like this under warranty, but you went to an independent dealership, not General Motors. You can go to any GM dealership to get warranty work done. They are not all created equal and some are better than others at diagnosing and fixing difficult to diagnose problems…