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2019 Toyota Highlander - TPMS tech

I have a question about the dreaded low tire light. Is the technology available to place a small to place a small indicator light at each corner of the alert light to show what tire is low ?

Some vehicles do have the ability to list each tire location and the pressure of that tire . Besides if the low pressure light does come on would it not make sense to check them all anyway .
That said it is a good practice to check pressure on a regular schedule . I check mine on the first and fifteenth of each month . Also check oil level on a schedule .
Your light would be useless if you rotated tires and did not reset the little lights.

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The majority of new vehicles display the tire pressure in each tire in real time if you choose that display menu. In addition, many Mfgs warnings are very specific these days

A GM vehicle would not only tell you which tire was low but the pressure it is reading. Your Toyota has that information, as does my Ford, they just doesn’t make that information available to you.