2008 Toyota Highlander - TPMS

We have a 2008 Toyota Highlander, not the hybrid model. The low tire warning light continues to come on even though I check the air pressure of all tires, including the spare, and ensure that they have the correct PSI. I’m thinking one or more of the tire pressure monitors in the tires has gone bad. I’m also thinking having this repaired will cost a bunch. I suspect this is a repair that must be done by a mechanic and is not a DIY project! I know I should get the repair made, but I sure am not looking forward to the cost. What would you recommend? Thanks


Check your Owners Manual to reset the TPMS. There should be a reset button below the steering wheel.

I can’t speak for a 2008 Highlander, but my wife’s 2006 Sienna does not have tire sensors, instead it uses the ABS system to compare each tire’s rotational speed, i.e. an underinflated tire would rotate at a different speed than the other tires. I prefer this system.

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Just call your local tire shop and ask this question or even the dealer is you want something close to original equipment.


Follow the above suggestions.
If it is due to the age of the sending units in the tires, replacement requires dismounting the tire. If this is the case, if a shop would replace the senders without a charge for dismounting/mounting (which I doubt) you could have it done now. If mine, and it is definitely the sending units, I would wait until I needed new tires and continue to check the pressures manually on a weekly basis.
Online prices for the units run $25-45 per sender.

I agree with Purebred. If the tires are all at proper inflation, you don’t really have a problem.
I also agree with “read the manual”. Not only will it tell you how to reset it, but it should also tell you if this light has any secondary meaning other than a low tire.
Have you checked your spare?