2019 Toyota Highlander - Concern over fuel pump

I purchased 2019 Toyota Highlander in December, '19 and 2 weeks ago received an “Important Safety Recall” notice that states that my model has a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety. It describes a fuel pump problem that may cause the vehicle to stall and then be unable to restart. It further states in red letters and underlined: “If a vehicle stall occurs while driving, this could increase the risk of crash”. They indicate in this notice that Toyota is currently preparing the remedy and will notify me again when the remedy is available. Understandably, as a person approaching 70 years old, I have not wanted to use the vehicle and I contacted the dealership to see if they could provide a loaner car to use in the interim. I was I would have to pay for it. My insurance company also would not compensate me for a loaner vehicle or loss of use. What recourse do I have? Thank you. Tom

No recourse . You either drive it or let it set . You might trade it back in but you will take a huge money loss . If I was afraid to drive it I might look for a cheap used vehicle to drive or a long term rental .

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Your dealer is misinformed. Toyota will reimburse dealers for up to 120 days of vehicle rental for customers that are not comfortable driving their vehicle. You can contact Toyota customer care for assistance, the phone number is on the recall notice.

The remedy for this recall will be available in 2 to 3 weeks.


Kudos to @Nevada_545 for that informed response!