2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Won't take gas

Having trouble refueling , hose keeps shutting off

If you search online, you will see plenty of jeep owners who have this problem. some have fixed the problem when their jeep was under warranty, the filler neck was replaced with a different style. most others turn the nozzle upside down when filling and this stops the problem.

Good idea above. Another common cause for this symptom is a problematic evap system. If above idea isn’t effective, expect that as the next most likely. As fuel enters the tank from the pump the air in the tank has to have someplace to go, otherwise pressure builds up and shuts off pump. The air (and fumes) is supposed be routed to the canister, where the fumes are captured, and the air expelled via a vent valve. So you could have something wrong with all that. Most likely would be the vent valve isn’t opening upon computer command like it should, or is plugged w/gunk.