2019 Nissan Altima - Jerkiness Under 10 MPH

2019 Nissan Altima gives slight jerkiness when going under 10mph. Anyone else with similar issue?

You’re still under warranty, take it back to the dealership and have it checked. If they try to give you the old “they all do that” excuse, request to test drive another 2019 Altima at the same trim level as yours and see if it also does that

Thank you. I went back to the dealership and I couldn’t believe they said it will cost $150 for a diagnosis! I never heard of such a thing for a brand new car under warranty. They test drove it and said they could not duplicate the “jerkiness”.

Would they ride along with you to see if you can get it to duplicate for them? As far as the diagnostic fee goes, they may charge it, but if it turns up something under warranty they should waive it then.

They did not ask me to drive along with them. They did mention if I want they could rebuild the transmission but no guarantee the problem will go away. I am deciding to do that or not.

I know Nissan’s have not had the best luck with their CVT transmissions, but I wouldn’t think yours is bad yet…I think you should insist on driving it for them so they can feel it while you drive it around, but you may need to pay the diagnostic fee and let them take a look at the whole thing. Alternatively, you could try another Nissan dealership as well. I don’t think you’re at the point where you need to elevate this to the regional level yet (instructions in your owners manual), but keep that in mind if you do need to elevate this due to unsatisfactory work by the dealership

I suspect that will be at your expense because they do not seem to think there is a problem . Is there anyone else who drives this thing besides you and do they have the same problem ?

Thank you for your response. I appreciate it. Since my wife drives it as well and complains about the same jerkiness,I will drive the car myself with a technician. I am hoping for Nissan to send out an engineer to experience the issue with me.

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Good luck, hope they figure it out and resolve it!

Thank you! !

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