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2019 Mazda CX-5 - did anybody else require a new engine?

My Mazada CX-5 started leaking 1/3 of a quart oil daily. It was only 9 months old. The engine had to be replaced. Has anyone had this issue. I was told it’s a casting problem.

They didn’t tell you where the oil was leaking? According to this vehicule has
very good rating.Just a few minor problems reported.

Any metal that is cast has a chance of having porosity. I would not worry much about it as odds are you got
the one in a million.

I installed a new factory differential in a Nissan once and it started leaking the same day because of a porous casting. It’s the only time I’ve ever seen or heard of it so things do happen now and then.
Now if your new engine starts leaking then I’d worry…

If Mazda is taking car of you by providing an acceptable loaner, then everything will be ok. The replacement engine will not decrease the value of your vehicle. It will not cause other problems.

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Had a transmission case leak due to porous casting on a new car. Surprisingly, they opted to swap the guts to a new housing. Never had any issues after that repair. It happens but should be rare. They stepped up to fix it, you should be happy about that. Motor on…

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A friend bought a CX-5, a 2018 I think. She had it at the dealer for routine oil change and they told her there was a casting flaw that may cause an oil leak, they replaced the engine short block under warranty. I think there may be a service bulletin for this, not sure though.

At any rate the engine block now has fewer miles on it than the rest of the car, so you’re in good shape there. No worries.

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This is not a “one in a million” problem. My dealer just told me today that my 2018 CX-5 with 9K miles needs a new engine. It has been leaking oil for the past two weeks. They say the casting has porosity. They told me they already replaced several of these engines due to this problem.
Unfortunately the engine is on back order and it will be in the shop for about a month at least!

How fast does the oil leak out? Can you drive it for another month until the new engine arrives? If not, see if Mazda can give you a loaner until your new engine comes in.

Oil level is not low yet, so it may not be leaking too fast… but it stinks like hell inside and outside the car. I don’t want to drive it. They did offer me a loaner. But I have another car so told them I didn’t need it.

Just happened to me a few weeks ago (April 17, 2020). My 2018 CX-5 with 16k miles started noticeably leaking oil - enough to where I could actually see drops fall from the engine undercarriage. Took it into the dealership and was told it was leaking due to a casting defect during fabrication. I was told Mazda had released a “technical service bulletin” for the issue, which the service advisor is giving me a copy of. They’re putting a new engine in it now, my biggest worry is something will be done incorrectly or carelessly during installation leading to further issues in the future.

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Well, the work IS warrantied by Mazda and the dealer. This IS what these folks do for a living, so the livelihood that they’ll screw something up is low and they’ll fix it for free if they do.

2 year old car with a new engine sounds like a win to me! Enjoy!


I agree with @Mustangman. We had a 2003 Olds Silhouette that developed transmission problems at 58,000 miles. GM included a 60/60 extended warranty to encourage buyers when we purchased it, and we took advantage of that. When we donated the van at about 160,000 miles, the transmission only had 100,000 on it. We always considered the replacement our gain and with no pain to boot.