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Mazda CX-5 Oil Leak with Pictures


I am in no way mechanically inclines but thought I’d take a stab at asking in this thread for advice. Yesterday I noticed an oil odour coming from my car, some oil dropped on the ground.
Nothing major in terms of volume but enough to notice. While parked at work there was no oil droppings. I get out to get groceries and yet again there’s a spill. I decided to crawl under the car to investigate and my findings were shocking.

Can someone tell me from this what my issue could be? I’m covered on a bumper to bumper warranty for only another 5k kilometres. PS it would only let me upload one picture but I have more.

Thank you in advance,
Complete noob


Check your oil level each day until you can get this into your shop that covers your warranty. Make sure you keep the oil level up. A little oil goes a long way in making a mess, but this seems like a bigger leak. Is your oil cap on securely?


Could be engine oil, power steering fluid, or tranny fluid…hard to say.


Smelt like oil when I touched the drips on the ground. Got the transmission replaced approx 50,000kms ago.

I would keep an eye on the fluids until you can get this looked at.

You could have a failed gasket at the oil pan, a leaking Tranny fluid line, or a leaking power steering line or the steering rack.

Until that lower engine shroud is removed it’s impossible to tell.
All the oil back farther was likely blown towards the rear from the road wind.


cx5 came out in 2012. how many miles now? 50-75K? i go by miles, not kilometers. oil leaks can happen. valve cover. timing cover. oil cooler lines and so on

Most of my cars have had the oil filter in this location. I would also check the oil pressure switch. At least on the Honda crv it’s in this spot. Mine cracked and I had oil like this. Definitely check your oil and take it in right away.