2019 Mazda CX-5 - back order frustration

I bought the car brand new in 2019. Loved it, and I still do. BUT the computer started acting up about a year ago. I noticed the time kept jumping around, and it would suddenly skip through songs, the volume would go up and down on its own. Sometimes the review camera didn’t work at all. I’ve taken it in multiple times for updates, and it was never fixed. It now randomly blares “navigation will be at this volume” at the max volume and you cannot change it or turn it off. I don’t even have navigation. Now I hear the part has been on back-order since November 2021 and there is no ETA on when it will arrive. Beyond annoying!

I expect the 2020’s will be called the " back-order decade". Lots of posters complaining their shops can’t effect repairs to their cars b/c the needed parts aren’t currently available. Since replacement of the suspect bad part isn’t an option, ask your shop to check the power and ground supply to that component. Could be caused by a voltage out of spec or electrical noise on the power supply (possibly from the alternator). This job requires a tech probing the circuit with an oscilloscope. If there’s no techs at the shop with this experience, find a shop that does this sort of work.

I hear your pain, not as loud as you! Dr. prescribed an antibiotic, precautionary luckily, 3 day wait due to supply issues. Our nav unit you adjust volume while the nav voice is speaking, not a mazda but worth a shot.

But you can still drive the car?

How spoiled are we becoming?

Own a Chrysler vehicle and have the TIPM fail.

Not only can you not drive the vehicle, you have no idea when you ever will! :roll_eyes:



You have an undriveable car due to TIPM? That would suck to the nth degree!

Twenty years ago, I saw more parts on back-order than I see today, the few posts I see here mean very little compared to the number of parts ordered each day.

Sometimes parts with a known defect are removed from the warehouse, this results in a “backorder”, the supply will resume after a countermeasure is developed.

Correcting infotainment problems isn’t as simple as checking for “power and ground”. Below is a service bulletin related to Mazda display problems.

MC-10206938-0001.pdf (nhtsa.gov)

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Maybe I’m losing it and I read her comment four times, but I don’t think she said she can’t drive or use the car, so maybe no need to call her spoiled. She’s annoyed by the back order.


When you have to pay this much money for a car that includes all these amenities I expect for everything I paid for works. My wife is a little OCD about this. She’ll return stuff to the dollar store. You ask her why and she’ll tell you it says on the package it works, if it don’t they get it back. Hold em to the line.

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Tom and Ray address a similar problem on a recent podcast. Caller purchased a used BMW , complains the dash display looks like a kaleidoscope, everything changing color and jumping around. Caller tells Ray & Tom that shop told him they sold three of these same identical cars, all obtained from the same source, and all three do the same thing. Ray suggested some common sense ideas, look under the dash for connectors disconnected, check incoming power etc. One positive, at last all the cars have consistent symptoms … lol …

It’s probably on one of those boats out in the Pacific waiting to unload or waiting for the ship to return to be loaded again. Next contract I’d hold out to pay the crane operators by the crate unloaded instead of by the hour.

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The wait time at the Port of Los Angeles to dock was 2.9 days in March 2022.

I know several longshoremen and they get paid on sort of a flat-rate system. They get paid X hours to do Y amount of work, and the senior guys get the pick of the litter. It’s not unusual for an “A” crew guy to get a job, finish it and get another, then go home having earned 16 hours of pay in 7 or 8 hours.

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Back orders are nothing new. That issue has been around for longer than I have.

I think the problem is that many consumers think that if Car A has a problem then the car manufacturer will just yank that needed part out of the massive pile in a warehouse and failing that will just fire the production line up and churn out another.

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Manufacturers (not just for cars) often prefer a certain amount of backorders, think that is a good thing. Makes the manufacturing process more certain, can buy parts without worrying they will go to waste b/c they can’t sell the product later. A backorder is the same as a guaranteed sale.

I suspect something has gone wrong with the buttons or the wiring from the buttons or inputs to the computer board. One or more buttons are not releasing fully. If it’s the board it could be fixed on a component level fairly easily.

Having the system randomly blasting the navigation notice at full blast could be a safety hazard by startling the driver. I would remove the fuse(s) for the system. Who knows, a hard reboot of the system might get it working again. Plug the fuses back in after leaving them out for a few minutes and see what happens. If no change, take them out and leave them out.

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First of all, why blame the victim? What are they doing wrong? Asking that the expensive device they bought actually works properly?

Second, why blame the longshoreman? Do you know something we don’t? I doubt it.

Automakers don’t routinely make these electronic devices, they buy them from suppliers who source parts from many other places. And a great deal of these things come from other countries. Trade with those countries has been a type of warfare for the past couple of decades and all these “supply chain” frustrations are collateral losses. While it’s a real problem, it’s better than bombs and rockets.

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I’m sure everything is just hunky dory. Who can argue with 2.9 days delay? It’s almost June though now but in April there were 37 ships waiting there with 320,000 containers to unload. On the east coast there were another 255,000 or there abouts.

Two things though were causing a temporary lull in business, shippers were re-routing ships to the east coast, and also the lockdowns in China were slowing the loading of ships outbound. Might be better but that’s still a lot of shoes and car parts.