2019 Lexus RX 350 - Washer Fluid Leaving Water Spots

Anyone have problem with “water marks” on new vehicle - maybe clear coat problem or dealer filled bad windshield washer fluid ? Lexus RX 350 - Just bought & windshield washer flluid builds up on windshield & vehicle. Have hard time removing. Thanks for any suggestions.

As another person here asks , why do you even care if someone else has this problem ? Which is doubtful anyway. Since you have a warranty direct your question to the selling dealer . And the clearcoat has nothing to do with water spots.

Flagged , a little sensitive are we ?

Windshield washer fluid is filled at the factory, the dealer tops it off with water.

Many Lexus dealers provide free car wash service for their customers, ask to have them wash the vehicle for you.

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Water spots can be removed with a little white vinegar mixed with distilled water on a damp microfiber towel. Rub gently, the spots will go away. If you don’t want them back, wax the car.

Drain or siphon the fluid out of your washer reservoir. For the summer, replace it with pure distilled water. When winter arrives you may need to add washer fluid to keep it from freezing, but always based on distilled water. Don’t let the dealer top off the washer. The stuff my dealer adds makes a gooey mess.