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2019 Lexus ES 350 - How do I turn on the

I own a Lexus ES 350F 2019. The traction control shows in the instrument cluster that is off. I don’t know in what circumstances or when should be off and when on. I didn’t touch anything it just the lights came showing is off when I was driving on the snow. What should I do.

You can switch the traction control back on by pressing the TRAC off switch, it is that weird switch above the instrument cluster on the left side.

Sit down with a nice cup of tea, coffee or cocoa and read your owners manual. That book, or CD or whatever form it comes in from Lexus tells you the answer to the question you asked us and so much more about the brand new car you just bought. It will be well worth your time to do this.


That response bears repeating, and ultimately will yield much more accurate information than can be gotten from anonymous internet strangers with unknown credentials and unknown agendas.

Why do people fail to read the official documentation from the engineers who designed their vehicle, and instead seek the unsupported opinions of people who may have no basis in fact for their statements?


You want traction control on almost all of the time in order to help keep the car going in the direction you intend.

The exception is when you’re trying to spin your way up a snowy hill, when the bigger concern is keeping your momentum over keeping your car in a perfectly straight line. Traction control would reduce power to various wheels, possibly stopping your car on the hill when you otherwise would have made it.

I’m confused about how it got turned off. That should usually reset to ‘on’ once the car is restarted. Time to consult the owners manual, as stated above.

I have determined the only less read manual than the manufacture’s operator manual is the state driver manual. Far to many “drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists” are clueless regarding traffic law.

Traction control can get turned to “off” automatically by the engine computer if it believes there’s a problem with the drivetrain performance or abs system. Try to turn it back on by pressing that button, and if it gets turned back off again soon thereafter you’ll have to get a shop to read the diagnostic codes out of the computer memory to see what issue the computer’s worrying about.

If the Lexus Traction/Stability control (TSC) off switch and warning light are the same as my Kia I fully understand OP’s confusion. The default for TSC every time the vehicle is started is on (I would call it “armed”) and the warning light (icon) is off. If I push the TSC off button the light is steady on warning me that TSC is turned off. So far quite logical. With TSC on (“armed”) and light off if the sensors detect tire slippage TSC is activated and the light turns on warning that there is tire slippage and TSC is automatically correcting it. This occurring while driving on snow/ice would be normal but is understandably leading OP to think TSC is turning off. I occasionally experience this when accelerating from a stop on wet pavement causing the front tires to slightly spin and the light to flicker. Using the same warning light for nearly opposite functions seems like a poor design.

If the 2019 ES is like my 2014 GS, it’s not the same light.

If that is the case Lexus has designed it correctly. I’m not surprised Kia would do something rather dumb to save the cost of an additional dash light.