2019 Le Mans

Le Mans race, that is, and it just ended. Toyota Gazoo took 1 and 2 for LMP1, and the full field. Alpine was first in LMP2, Ferrari won GT Pro and Ford took GT Amateur. Porsche? Who? Just cars behind Ferrari. I watched last night for a while, then caught the awards after the race was over. I was too busy making burgers for Father’s Day to catch the end of the race. Anyone’s favorite win in class? I’m please with Ferrari beating Porsche, but not so much beating Corvette. I’m also happy for Alpine.

Ford and BMW factory teams are out after this race. Finished 4th through 7th in GT Pro. Ford will support privateers next season as well as it did todays winner in GT Am racing a Ford GT. No news on a step up to LMP1 yet.

This was Corvette’s 20th anniversary of the modern streak of LeMans entries. 8th place. Porsches finished 2-3 in cars that don’t reflect their road cars… mid engined 911’s built specifically for racing.

Toyota fielded the only 2 cars in the top class, LMP1 Hybrid so of course a Toyota won overall.

Did I misread the results? The Le Mans web site shows 8 cars started in LMP1 and 5 finished the race. They did not differentiate between hybrid and non-hybrid cars. SMP Racing was third and Rebellion Racing was 4 and 5.

No you didn’t mis-read, they lumped all LMP1 cars together but the LMP Hybrids are the class of the field and were not “equalized” with the other entrants. Audi and Porsche contested this class in the past but have left it because it is REALLY expensive. When these same cars ran at the WEC Sebring 8 hour event in March, the Toyotas were in a class of their own.

SMP Racing was punching above their weight class, for sure! Best lap times were only a few seconds a lap behind the Toyotas - and that is sayin’ something!