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If you like so see old cars race and some really good fights (with cars)


From goodwood festival of speed 2019
Enjoy when the going is good, be happy that you are not the owner when the going is bad:

The first race starts at 1:35.00


I saw a bit of this streaming live over YouTube. It is the 2nd year I’ve seen it. Fire up YouTube early in the morning - the UK is 5 hours ahead of me - and watch some of the greatest racing you can see today. Skinny bias ply tires, no aero, retired F1 and sportscar drivers and limited horsepower all make for great racing at a historic track.

The vintage clothes, and parade vehicles between races are pretty cool as well. It is on my bucket list to attend.

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Very neat videos. I find it a bit humorous that a British Saloon Car race includes a Camaro and what looks like a Mach I. Except for the spin the Camaro would have had it. It looked like the Chevy just had too much grunt on the straights.

Heh heh heh. A few Morris Minors in there. Wish mine would have run that good.

That could very well have been, but it is still impressive to see a 1,6 l Ford Escort stressing a driver in a 5,7 l Camaro to make that error. The Escort was in front when the Camaro passed and went into that right hander and still, the Escort was munching away on that Camaro’s rear spoiler most of the race.
Ahh, those were the days.

I fully agree. The little guy was sticking to the Camaro like glue. If the track had been sans straights I think the Escort would have taken him.

I would sure like to know what they did to the engine in the Escort to make it haul like that

Most likely, it was either a BDA or a Broadham (Broadspeed) 1,6 TC with twin double weber carburettors, putting out around 170-180 hp at something around 7k rpm.

Edit to ad.
More precisely, it was a Ford Escort 1600 RS.

Lot of horsepower for something so light and no doubt even lighter due to being gutted for racing.

They weighed in at around 2200lbs incl all the racing stuff, but one also has to considered that the engines of that era had a very narrow span of rpm’s where they would do anything. The BDA’s only worked between 5k and 7k rpm. That makes it a very difficult engine to win with on a curvy track even though it’s a strong engine. Below 4500 rpm, it couldn’t pull the skin off of a cup of cocoa.
I wonder what the output was of the Camaro. No doubt it wasn’t standard.
Do You have any idea of what the common racing modifications were to those 5,7 (350) engines to make - say - a Camaro race ready?

Just to take it off tangent, bud windsurfer and I had pirate wars where we would ram each others windsurfer just for kicks. Kind of like a demolition derby!