2019 Infiniti QX50 is under warranty but needed new control arm

I have a 2019 Infiniti QX50 when I bought it it had 13,000 miles, it has 34,000 now. I had to replace a control arm last September and this week. It is under warranty , but something doesn’t sound right about this. Can anyone give me some insight?

As long as it is under warranty take it back to the dealer leave them figure it out tell them what you told us and let them take it from there.

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The dealer fixed it both times. Both times they are telling me it’s fine. Yet, I never would have known if I didn’t get a flat last year and new tires this year.

Unfortunately, you have no idea how that vehicle was driven for its first 13k miles.
How many curbs did the owner hit?
How many big potholes did he drive through?
Nobody will ever know the answers to those questions, but it is likely that the previous owner’s driving skill/style has a lot to do with the problem that you are currently experiencing.

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You can try a different dealer you do not have to use the original dealer.

Do you know the history of the car? I’m wondering why a car with only 13,000 miles was for sale. The original owner would have taken a big financial hit there.

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Yes, it was used as a loaner for the dealership.

So, there were potentially a couple hundred people who drove it, and many of them may not have cared very much about how they treated it and how they drove it.

Replaced on one side twice? Or once on left and another time on the right?

I wonder how big the collision was that it was in. I would have this car examined closely for previous collision repair. one unibody cars cannot be repaired successfuly and some body on frame cars could be repaired right but are not because of lack of expertise or unwillingness to spend enough money.

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No joke, but I do have the Carfax.

… and even if that piece of paper doesn’t show that the vehicle was in an accident, it is still possible that it was. People seem to think that Carfax is infallible, when that is actually very far from being true.

And, again, I strongly suggest that you delete your phone number from your posts.


Oh, damn, thank you. Wasn’t thinking this was being posted.

Click on the slanted pencil looking icon and you can edit your personal info .

Just to tack on a bit about how inaccurate Carfax is…
Years ago CF showed my Subaru as having a clean title when it had been on a Salvage Title for 8 years consecutively…
My SAAB 900 (bought from original owner, an Air Force Captain) was shown by Carfax to be “currently stolen”…
The Captain, me,and the DMV all disagreed with CF’s assessment.

As for the control arm that could be due to abusive driving, major rough road surfaces, collision, or possibly from being submerged.

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A repair is not likely to be reported to Carfax if there is no insurance involved or if someone is doing a cheap, quick and dirty repair to make it sellable. Why ould a dealership who owned this as a loaner car ould report that repair and lower the value of their used car?

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So, would you trade the car or keep it???

That would depend on what the professional inspection found. Also, I seldom trade in a car, the dealer make a lot more money selling your trad in than he does selling you the new car. You can do the same.

I would pay $100 for a body shop to go inspect it for previous repairs. If it comes out clean, or if the repairs were done correctly, I’d keep it, and keep all paperwork related to the warranty repairs.

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Thank you. I appreciate the advice, I will look for a body shop.