2017 Infiniti QX50 - third brake job already

Brakes,brakes,brakes and more brakes!!Three complete sets under 60,000 miles.Last QX50 for me.Bought new.

So??? Do you have poor driving habits or are you choosing to get cheap pads and rotors.


Sounds like both to me.

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you have a heavy vehicle and maybe a heavy braking foot. did you change the rotors too? did you buy a good quality pads? if you did not your pads will wear out faster.

Infinity pads and rotors both times.My last car was a BMW 328i.It went 45,000 miles on the original pads and rotors and 50,000 miles on the Brembo replacements.I think Infinity are using inferior quality parts because there are a lot of complaints about their brakes.