Infiniti QX4

My 2000 Infiniti QX4 has 145,000 miles. It starts fine but when i press the gas when going from a stop position it has little power.There is an hesitation and then it moves very slowly even if the gas pedal is depress all the way. Once it gets to 20 or 30 miles it moves okay. The problem is only present when going from stop. Due to the lack of acceleration, I am reluctant to drive it on the highway because of the risk of a slow merger

Any check engine light. When was the last engine “tune-up”, like air filter, spark plugs. Also is the transmission shifting fine or your RPM’s are all over the place?

It idles ok, and runs well and has plenty of power over 30 mph? That sounds like some form of a transmission problem to me. It’s an automatic, right?

I suggest you check the throttle position and MAF sensors to make sure they are working correctly.

I’m inclined to suggest that it needs to go to a shop for a full checkup, starting with a compression check.