2019 Honda Pilot - Burnt paint

I have a quarter size paint wrinkle on rear plastic fender on my new 2019 Honda Pilot and dealer refuses to fix it saying that it is “burn” mark caused by me. Is that a common issue with Honda Paint?

Nope. Not common

Post a pic. Wrinkles are not burns. Be interesting to see what we’re dealing with here.

Also remember that you do not have to go to the dealership you bought the car from. If there’s another Honda (or Acura) dealership in town, you can take it there. If they still refuse to warranty it, you can contact Honda corporate.

It’s not common, but it might have been caused by a child with a magnifying glass for all you know. Sometimes freaky things like that happen because of a reflection from a street sign or window.

If you have full insurance coverage, they’re the people you should contact, rather than the dealership.

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How long ago did you buy it? If you bought it this week, that might mean it was there before you took possession. Six months? It’s probably a new blemish, and I don’t believe it is inherent to the van. Alabama gets hot, but not that hot.

Could have been a stray cigarette butt, that landed there.

A wrinkle is not a burn. You really need to post a pic of it. It could be that this is a paint flaw since new and no one caught it during the PDI or detailing process. If so, they should cover this.

That’s true, but heat can make the paint bubble and make it look like a wrinkle after it cools down.

There is a small chance the fender was damaged during transport, and the dealership did a sloppy touch-up job that didn’t last, but if they didn’t document the repair, you’re not going to have any luck getting it fixed as a warranty claim due to defect.