Second thoughts after buying a Honda Pilot

My 2016 Honda Pilot touring has many minor problems when I bought it new. Sun roof not closed, back window roll up super slow, small hole on back seat, tiny paint chip on driver door. The dealers fixed those problems for me. It’s not prefect but I can tolerate those problems. About 11 months after I bought it. I found out there’s water leakage from the exterior into front passager floor. I usually park my car inside my garage. I found that out because I parked my car outside on a rainy day and I decided to clean my car interior next day. The dealer took about a week to fix the car , they said there s two defective spots that caused the leakage. 2 years from my purchase date, I found the same leak again because I saw moisture built up on the windshield from inside. Dealer will fix it again. I called Honda but they can’t promise anything. They can’t even give me a solution if this happen after 3 years of warranty period. They will only review it. My car s 2 years old with only 4600 miles. i bought it for $42000. Now all Honda can do is giving me uncertainty for selling an expensive defective product to me. I had three Honda, but I start to lose faith in the brand.

Do you have a question or did you just want to vent about a poor vehicle?