2019 Honda Accord Hybrid only gets 35 mpg

only getting 35 mpg 2019 honda hybrid

The EPA figures 48 city or highway. Their numbers tend to be optimistic but 35 is pretty low. A 2019 should be under warranty. Take it back to the dealer and let their shop figure out what’s wrong.

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Hang in there, you can do better.

How far do you drive ?

Have your previous cars gotten poorer mileage than they should have? The driver has the greatest effect on miles per gallon.

How many miles?

Drive a hybrid hard, it’ll get lower mpgs, 35 is certainly possible.

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At least from what’s being reported on Fuelly it’s lower than most but you’re not the only one. Many are seeing 40mpg or better though.

Disclosure: I am [un]fortuinate to have 2019 Accord Hybrid, so I know it all too well…

This is the best question to ask.
In this car, your first 4-5 miles MPG is totally abysmal… as it warms up…

This is another good guess! Sometimes I like to floor it and MPG drops a lot.

On the smoother ride my experience for commute of 4 miles I have, my MPG is around 35 indeed, first couple of miles it’s like 20-ish.

Previously, I used to have 12-13 miles commute with quite a number of stop&go areas, congested on my way back.

My MPG was around 45 in the morning, where I was getting out in front of the traffic wave, around 42-44 MPG as I was getting back in stop&go.

Time to time I would make a 60-mile stretch to one of national parks we like to go to, I would easily get 50-52 MPG while driving 65-75 MPH.
If you drive hybrid Accord faster than 75, its MPG drops a lot (45 and less), but I would still suggest it’s damn good for the dynamics and size class.

I figure from the short, capitalization & punctuation free blurb that the OP won’t be back.

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70 miles per day

So then you should be doing enough driving to achieve decent mileage. Is that your commute? Are you doing deliveries? A lot of stop-and-go? If you don’t have a lead foot and you’re obeying the speed limit you should be getting better than 35 mpg.

One guy I know uses his 2018 Accord hybrid for Uber, has a lead foot, drives a lot of miles.
His MPG is around 37-38.

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The biggest variable–which no mfr’s mpg statistics can anticipate–is the way that a car is driven by its owner.

How long have you owned it? Total miles?