2017 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid - Disappointing Mileage

I recently purchased a 2017 Sonata Hybrid. I’m happy with the car overall, but I am a little disappointed with the mileage so far. After driving for about two weeks I am only getting about 29 mpg, nowhere near the 39 it is rated for, even though I keep it in Eco mode exclusively. Granted I have only driven in town and only on fairly short trips, but this is still disappointing. Is this a case of the manufacturer exaggerating the mileage? Or could there be something wrong with the car (even though it drives fine otherwise)? Or am expecting too much benefit from the hybrid during such short trips in the city?

Me thinks the answer is - Yes . Take a long drive and see how close to the highway MPG you get that is listed as Up to 45 I think. the key words are ( up to ) . Of course the question is are you actually calculating your MPG the pen and pencil way or just assuming the the dash read out is accurate.

Did you reset the values at the time of purchase, if not your driving is just adding to the fuel economy value since last reset, it could take a long time to see a change.

SOP hereabouts is to blame the driver but you should be able to get within 10% of the EPA rating unless you have a heavy foot, in other words mid 30’s. How are you calculating mileage?

and this is a key in answering your question

you have to let car/engine/battery to get to thje proper temperature to get to EPA numbers

I have2019 Accord Hybrid and on 12-mile commute my MPG was 44-45 with EPA rated 48.
Now, my company moved to 4 mils from my home, now I’m getting 30-32 MPG on this stretch.
If I happen to drive on 30+ mile stretch, I can easily get to 50+ MPG.

It’s all about getting car a chance to get to operating conditions.

our prius was touted as an elec car with a gas motor
your car is a gas car with an elec assist
i drove it 10% of the time and always hit 50mpg. short/longish drives.
if a 10+ mile trip is required to get warm and hit mid 40’s than maybe thats life