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2019 Ford Ranger - Mushy brakes

I have a brand new 2019 Ford Ranger Crew Sport, 600miles, are the brakes supposed to be mushy? I can pump them and they will become firm and stop. The dealer indicated they are like that?? They alao indicated all of their inventory is that way including their parts truck. Does this sound correct?

The chance of someone with a 2019 Ranger replying is a little low. You should look for a Ford Ranger specific forum . My opinion is that brakes should cause concern or need pumped. Ask to test a different new Ranger or go to another dealer which you can do. If no answer is satisfactory after that look in your manual for contact numbers to elevate your problem.


When I drove the Ranger I never noticed mushy brakes.

Go back to the dealer and test drive another Ranger from their lot.


Might depend on your definition of MUSHY

Being a truck that weighs 4,000 + lbs, you probably have to push harder/farther than a car that weighs 3,000 lbs.

I know when I went from driving a full size pickup with 4 wheel disc brake, to a small car with 4 wheel disc brakes, it took a while to learn how to slow down without locking the brakes up.

IMHO if you need to pump the brakes there’s something fishy. At minimum the dealer should bleed the brake lines. I agree with @kurtwm1. You should drive another Ranger and see if “they’re all like that.” My guess is they aren’t but I could easily be wrong.

The vehicle is so new… you don’t need to ask anyone but the dealership whats going on.

Tell them the issue and that the brakes firm up after being pumped and you dont feel that it is correct. They should bend over backward to assist and repair.

Any repair advice I could give is a moot point whilst under warranty… Have them handle it.

Morning everyone,

I took it to a dealer for an inspection of the brakes… Well it turns out the master cylinder was defective, they replaced it and now they work like they should. Thank you all for your imput…