2019 Ford Ranger - Fuel tank pressure sensor issue- Did I cause it?

2019 Ford Ranger, Replace Fuel Tank Pressure sensor, The dealer said this is because I have had it oil sprayed since it was new, it started in May of 2022 with the problem, went in Oct 4 2022, the dealer said it would take about 3.5 hours needed at least 1/4 tank of gas this would cost $625.20 Canadian, Charlie

I’m not playing 20 questions to find out which part of the above is a question. Pretend you are on Jeopardy, each answer must be phrased as a question.


No experience w/your truck, but that all sounds reasonable to me. This particular pressure sensor is probably part of the evap emissions system, and has to be working for the truck to pass emissions tests. Fuel tank probably has to be lowered to replace it. I sort of doubt the cause was the oil spray (presumably for rust-prevention). But such a thing is possible I guess. You could try the forum search feature, search on pressure sensor, see what other’s have said here. Link upper right this page.

You have let it spray oil for over three years?

At least all the oil covered bolts will unscrew easily like it was brand new.

Some vehicle owners have this performed annually.

Seems the lesson here is don’t get oil on the fuel tank pressure sensor.

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Hmm, Ford suggests keeping the engine clean.

No, he pays someone to spray the undercarriage with an oil to prevent rust.

No one said anything about a dirty engine.

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Oil holds dirt, not clear in OP.