2019 Ford Fusion tire pressure

My tires should have 36 psi but has 42 & 45 psi. It’s 90 degrees out. Is that too much air in the tires?

Measure the tire pressure before the car is driven, the adjust to pressure indicate on the door jam placard.


Yes, 6 to 9 psi is a bit overinflated, but don’t panic. Tires don’t burst until well over 100 psi.

Just take a moment to set your tire pressures in the cool of the day.

Overinflated for 2 years? Maybe tires are new?

Yes, tire pressure is going to increase with hot weather, especially if the car has been sitting in the sun. We don’t know the circumstances when you’re checking your tires so bear with us. As the others have suggested, check the pressure when the car has been sitting for a good while. If you still get a high reading, go ahead and bleed some pressure until it’s within spec.

I’m going to give the OP the benefit of the doubt and assume this is a fairly new–or at least newly discovered–problem whether the tires are new or not.

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