2019 Ford F350 - Ghost trailer warning

Trailer disconnected alarm keeps going off every few minutes. We pulled our gooseneck trailer to Fla from WV with no problem. The other day we went out and the triler disconnected keeps coming on. Thanks

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There is an older TSB for this, https://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=261019&d=1528464018

Also try removing all of the trailers from the list that the truck has recorded.

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does this happen with the trailer disconnected? or only when it is connected? if it is only when connected then it probably has a problem with the trailer wiring. A bad ground, a chaffed or cut wire, corrosion in the connector.

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Happens so far only with the truck unhooked from trailer.

I found this on another site. something to check out…

This is a recurring issue with my new F350. Dealer says water built up in the in bed 7pin connector. Replaced the connector, wiring and factory trailer break control module. Worked fine for a month. After heavy rain the problem is back!



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Brian Smothers

Brian Smothers
3 years ago

UPDATE: this turned out to be water making its way into the T adapter our upfitter installed along with the 5th wheel connection in the bed of the truck. Dealer and upfitter kept pointing fingers at each other. Dielectric grease the plugs myself, no help. Eventually I decided to crawl under the rear and trace the wiring from the bumper mounted connection and look for something loose. When I came to the T adapter running up to my outlet in the bed I disconnected it, about a half cup of water spilled out. Dried it out, applied dielectric grease then sealed around the openings with plumbers tape and electrical tape over the top. It’s been 6 months now, lots of heavy rain and no hint of the problem again. Hope this helps!

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Could be the trailer hitch in the receiver.

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