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2012 Dodge Ram 1500 electronic brake alarm while towing

When towing trailer, the electronic brake keeps alarming with note that the brake connection to trailer has disconnected. Multiple people have looked at the vehicle and have yet to fix it. No help from Dodge either.

And your question is…??? Would you describe the trailer, the connector, the times you see this, the things that have been tried to fix it… ??

There is an open circuit in the electric brake circuit, the problem is likely in the trailer.

I have repaired trailers when I worked at a Dodge dealer but I suspect most technicians would decline the work. When most customers have a trailer related problem the leave the trailer at home so there is nothing the tech can do.

Almost all trailer electrical problems are bad or missing grounds.

Next I would check that the trailers battery connections are clean and tight.

Then check that the battery charging system for the trailers battery is function properly.

Then the trailers electrical socket, open it up and make sure all connections are clean and tight.

If all that checks out good I would be checking or replacing the wire from truck to trailer, wires do break internally.

You’ll probably have to take the truck and trailer to a shop that specializes in servicing RV’s, boat trailers, etc for this.