2019 Ford Escape TPMS

My TPMS light came on, and I took the car to the tire shop to check and correct the tire pressures. They did and the TPMS light went out for a couple of days. When it came back on, I checked the tire pressures my self. All 32#. I can’t read my mileage from the information center; now It’s telling me I need an oil change soon Even though it was last changed 2100 miles ago???

Well John, if you really have a 2019 Ford use your warranty.

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Oil life monitor is based on usage and time, not miles. I don’t know the algorithm but suspect short trips that do not get the oil up to temperature increases frequency.
As to TPMS, Is 32 PSI correct pressure according to the placard? If so, ask your dealer service department, that is what warranties are for.