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2019 Ford Edge - Ticks

This vehicle has a loud “ticking” sound while idiling.
Not fan blades.
Ticking gets faster when accelerate. Ideas

Yup, brand spanking new car… Under warranty… take it back to Ford and ask them. If they say they all do that, make them show you another Edge that does.

My guess is that you are hearing fuel injector noise.


The manufactures love to tell us about the upsides of direct injection, but they fail to mention the downsides. One of which is a ticking sound. Worth checking against another Edge


If might cause a problem or just normal, it would be annoying I imagine. Talk to the dealer.

When BMW introduced direct injection engines to The US, I couldn’t help noticing that the clatter from those engines sounded like a $9.99 corn popper from K-Mart. Hopefully, by now they have resolved that extremely annoying sound from their engines.

Yep, now they pipe in ‘vroom vroom’ sounds over the speakers!:roll_eyes:

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Do they also pipe-in subliminal suggestions, such as…
You MUST tailgate everyone in order to prove that you own The Ultimate Driving Machine?


+2 It’s more than likely just the ticking from the direct injection. If that’s indeed the case, then there’s nothing to worry about, it’s normal.

That just comes from the sense of entitlement one often has when one buys such vehicles as BMW, Audi, etc. :wink:

My 2010 Kia Forte SX has very light fuel injector tick. I think it is port not direct injection.