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2020 Kia Sportage - Ticks

A very annoying ticking noise, the mechanic tried to palm me off with, these going engines have a bit of a ticking sound. It didn’t when I picked it up and that was only two weeks ago. It’s with them in the garage now. The noise is similar to loose tappets in an older car. Very frustrating.

Ask to drive another one with the same engine and see if “They all do that.” I’m betting they don’t. Mechanical noises in a brand new vehicle are generally a red flag and you have a warranty for a reason.


Sure, valvetrain noise is normal…on an old car with over 100,000 miles. Not on a new car. As the previous poster suggested, test-drive another 2020 Sportage with the same type of engine, and see if the noise is present. I assume it will not be.

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The sound is likely from the direct injection pump and injectors, direct injection engines are noisier than port injection.


@Nevada_545 is correct. It’s not uncommon at all for direct-injected engines to produce a ticking sound, it’s most noticeable at idle I’d ask to drive another 2020 Sportage on the lot and see if it produces the same sound.

Yes, we have two direct injection engines, they run like a diesel, noisy.

Possibly but the OP says the noise wasn’t present when the vehicle left the dealership. The OP might not have noticed it at the time but I suspect this is something new. Hey, there’s always the option of cranking up the radio.

Thank you everybody for your replies. The engine is a 1600 Gdi. I listened to 3 different identical cars, two I could hear but didn’t sound anywhere near as bad, the third one was quiet, like mine when I picked it up. I am being supplied with a decent replacement today, whilst mine is still being dealt with. They seem to be concerned enough and I like the dealership, this is my third Kia. If it doesn’t sound like it did when I pulled out of the forecourt, I won’t keep it. :pensive:

I have heard more than one late-model BMW that sounded like a cheap corn popper at idle.

That probably means you have to sell it at a big loss. Is the noise that bad? You can’t expect the dealer to give you another new one. They can’t sell yours as a new car anymore. Let’s hope the dealer can do something about it so that you are willing to keep it.

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Hi JT, I picked up another, more in-keeping car, sportage Gt today. The dealership is replacing a faulty cylinder or cylinders on mine, they put an endoscope down and noticed some scarring and burn marks which should not have been there in a brand new engine. So they are repairing under the 7 year warranty. So it was broken, the dealership are doing their best, ordering the parts now and should be fixed in about 2 1/2 weeks. I will keep you updated.


Good for them. Be sure to tell your friends and neighbors about how well you were treated by the dealership after you are satisfied. A responsible, competent dealer shop deserves to be recognized by people that might use them.