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2019 Dodge Challenger oil change interval for low miles

I bought a new Dodge Challenger last May. At the time, it was not my daily driver, but now it is my only car. Wondering about the first oil change. Because it was sparsely driven, I only have 630 miles on it. The owners manual states under no circumstances should the change interval exceed 12 months. With so few miles on the engine, and the oil life monitor showing 91%, should I go ahead and change the oil by May when I will have owned the car for a year? Or should I wait until I get at least 1000 or 1500 miles on the car before changing the oil? Thank you.

For crying out loud , how hard is it to understand that . Besides do you really want to void your warranty over the price of an oil change ? My practice is to have all service done at the dealer until all warranties are expired.


Why do you think this statement is ambiguous? It means exactly what it says! Change your oil!


Well, that was my thought from the beginning. It’s not hard to understand… Some say just go by the oil life monitor, but I don’t drive enough to activate that change notice. Only curious as to what others would say.

Your car does not really need the oil changed yet, but the warranty does.


Consistently I’m amazed at how many people will spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new car…and then skimp on the (relatively low cost) maintenance.

$50 for an oil change is nothing compared to voiding your warranty, or a new engine down the line.


I never said I was going to leave the original oil in the car. Did not state I was going to skimp on anything. Geez, if only Tom were still around…