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1988 Dodge D150 - Low oil pressure

Low oil pressure 19800 miles original owner change oil every 2000 miles

Hmm, that means he changed it at three year intervals.

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Thanks for sharing. Did you have a question?

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98 times in 32 years is about 3 times per year. That should be enough to keep it well lubricated, if the oil was the correct type and was not allowed to get too low, and the cooling system kept the engine from overheating.

Just as importantly, they’re only driving it 700 miles year, which indicates to me all stop and go driving and lots of sludge. The OP should be changing oil twice a year.


He’s only driving 700 miles a year, he’s changing it every 3 years, he’s only changed it 10 times in 32 years.


If it is all short trip driving, the engine is never reaching operating temp. The oil is being diluted with unburnt gas and water from condensation. I had a 61 Dodge Dart Phoenix and the first 4 years I owned it, I lived a mile and a half or less from work,church and the grocery store. I used to change the oil when it got a quart overfull on the stick. It took less than 1000 miles. I was using 5W20 Atlantic Aviation oil to help with all the cold starts.

Round numbers 20000 miles divided by 2000 miles = 10 oil changes in 32 years… Not 98.


Nothing like “making oil” eh @oldtimer_11 ? I’ve seen guys nearly lose their minds trying to figure that one out…while I would silently laugh into my tool drawer until finally revealing the truth of this strange phenomenon after some time passed.

I dont hear many people reference “making oil” so I had to comment. lol

My mistake: I misread the total miles by a factor of 10. Makes a difference!

… especially for the OP, who made the fatal mistake of changing oil on the basis of odometer mileage, instead of on the basis of elapsed time.

As far back as 1963, Chrysler’s maintenance schedule specified that the oil should be changed “every 3 months or 4,000 miles, whichever comes first”. I don’t believe that Chrysler abandoned an elapsed time factor for their oil changes in later years, but the OP can confirm or deny this for us by posting the exact verbiage in his Owner’s Manual.

What is the exact wording in your Owner’s Manual regarding oil changes?
Please post the elapsed time factor in addition to the odometer mileage factor.

I got the impression Dominick Degennaro recently got it from the original owner. Unclear in his statement.

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