2019 Chrysler Pacifica - Paint issues

2019 Chrysler Pacifica 25,415 miles. At the edge of the hood in front the paint is bubbled. Not coming off (yet) but it is raised in several areas. Black exterior / saddle colored interior

You are probably past your bumper to bumper warranty, but take it to your dealership. The paint might still be covered or repaired by the dealership as a goodwill measure.


If dealership balks, any well-recommended body shop will provide some options, cost vs appearance.

Are you doing the common sense paint maintenance? Rinse dust off w/garden hose once a week; soap and warm water wash once a month or when very dirty; wax every 6 months.

It is not rust as the hoods are made out of aluminum . It is aluminum corrosion caused by improper prep at the factory before painting. Chrysler has had a real issue with this . Sometimes they will cover this under the perforation warranty which is like 75000 miles I think . I had a 2014 Grand Caravan that did this and they gave me a new hood and painted it for free and it had like 60000 miles on it .


Thanks! Encouraged with this - I only have 25,413 mileson mine.

I am maticulous on my vehicle in and out - answer yes I am.

Not quite past yet - thanks

There’s your answer, It’s a dealer issue, not an owner issue.

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