2019 Chevrolet Traverse - Torque converter gone too soon

I have the same problem as other owners. They are now replacing the torque converter on a 2019 chevy traverse with 4700 miles. This should not be happening.

What is your question?

I’m not seeing anything about problems with the TC on a 2019 Transverse myself. Some of the older (2014 and older models) some report of some problems, but on a 2019, not seeing anything of note.

If there is a problem I’d guess it is related to the transmission control module and the lock-up function.

Good thing it’s under warranty.

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I have not dug into whether or not a failed converter is a chronic problem or not.

However, a car (ANY car) is an assembly line product that changes year to year. Every car ever made has suffered glitches from small to large or from few to many. A certain amount of failures is to be expected.

Not widely known is that part of the price a customer pays (MSRP) for any vehicle has a certain amount in there budgeted for potential warranty repairs. The car maker is hoping that those warranty repairs are few and easy.

From pop-up toasters to refrigerators or anything else some hiccups are expected.

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