2011 Chevrolet Traverse - are these little issues the sign of something serious?

Little things wrong with 79,000 miles. Things like sensors in tires work sometimes and sometimes not. Windshield wiper on back of vehicle wasn’t working and they looked at it and said it needed a new motor. Then it just started working when I went to have the motor replaced. They didn’t change it. The sensor on tire started working also. Now my dome lights won’t work and I first noticed that last night when I went to get something out of the car and the inside lights didn’t come on. Is something serious going wrong?

79k miles? Lots of life left. The wheel sensors have batteries that die. Change sensors. If you really like your rear wiper, then change it out. You had it looked at. Now you need 2nd trip to change it. Might have a touchy door switch that is causing interior light issues.